Role: Design, Art
Time: 48 hours
Team Size: 4

Acidosis is a game about regulating the blood flow of a person's arteries in order to prevent the muscles from acidifying. The game was made during the Global Game Jam 2013 and designed to be played on tablet devices. The jam's theme was heartbeat. Amongst local competition we received a 4th place award.

Vermilion started as a second year project at the start of 2011. Within 14 weeks I lead a team which managed to create an online strategy game entirely written in php and was animated using .gif images. The project was well received and received top marks. In 2013 my programmer Elwin Verploegen, and I, decided to re-envision Vermilion in 3D for our graduation project. Elwin took care of the functionality where I was responsible for creating the entire world from top to bottom.

Acidosis Team
Elwin Verploegen: Lead Programmer
Marc Peyre: Programmer
Tino van der Kraan: Design, Art
Matthijs van de Laar: Design, Art